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Cecilia Mendoza

Business Administrator, Visual Artist

& Interior Decorator - DDA Accredited Member.

Cecilia Mendoza studied Business Administration in Mexico City. Twenty years ago she lived in Nassau,  Bahamas. During her two year stay at the Caribbean nation, she realized she was an artist at heart, passionate about color and every step of the creative process. She has been painting ever since and has never looked back. Her work can be found in Europe, Canada, United States and Mexico. 

She makes custom paintings in multiple sizes, colors and themes. She develops long term relationships with her clients who continue, year after year, to seek her art to enrich their homes and offices.

In 2018 she moved to Toronto to study Interior Decoration at Sheridan College. She discovered this new passion thanks to her clients. They wanted her to create not just the painting but the entire place designated to host the art.

She is honored and humbled by individuals and families who request her services for their residential and commercial projects.  Her main motivation is to make people happy by transforming the spaces where they work and live, into more beautiful and functional spaces.


I found my true passion 20 years ago, in Nassau, Bahamas. I lived there for two years and I was forever transformed by the beauty of Nature and the colors of the country.



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